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1. EUBO F18B
· Features:
EUBO F18B is lubricant of PTFE dry bonded coating. Safest lubricant used for high-performance goods used in industry and home. It shows excellent lubrication of the slide of electric switch products, rubber, plastic products .
· Features:
- Excellent lubrication
- Excellent durability
- Low friction coefficient
- Safe thermal resistance
- Flash point : Nonflammable
- Chemcial resistance
- Nonfloating
- Wide use range(-40℃ ~ 200℃)
· applications:
- Sliding parts and antenna of Mobile phone
- Drive belt, gasket, packing, gear, bearing,
sleeve, printer, CD ROM, DVD, CAMERA.
- Leather and plastics used for chain drive.
- Lubrication of synthetic rubber.
- Coating of the cable made of metal, fabric,
thread, rope, twisted yarn, loop, natural
fiber and synthetic fiber.
- Machine parts and assembly including
nuts or bolt, joint pipe and connection
pipe lock, motor saw, blade, machine,
electric equipment, tool.
- Metal work including pushing, rolling and pulling.
- Use of precise AV equipment like
musical equipment, magnetic recording
tape, camera shutter and film.
Physical Properties
· Important indicators:
Fast-drying lubricant F18C
Appearance light milky white liquid
Base oil viscosity 40℃ cst 80
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.4
Flash Point ℃ None
Temperature range ℃ -40~200
Dry Type semi-dry type
Atmospheric Lifetime 4 years
 GPW(CO2=1) 600
2. EUBO E354 Grease
· Features:
♦ Lasting silencing effect.
♦ Through the NSF H1 food-grade certification, certificate No.132717.
♦ High content of solid lubricant PTFE, low friction coefficient, strong bearing.
♦ Wide using temperature, high viscosity low temperature precision lubrication ,noise reduction
♦ Fully using synthetic oil, good compatibility with plastic, will not make plastic cracking, swelling, softening.
♦ Low diffusion, low volatile, long time use will not harden.
· Data:
Index Measured Value Test Standards
Base Oil PAO ——
Thickener  lithium soap ——
Appearance white ——
Penetration(25℃) 260~290 ASTM D 217
Dropping Point(℃) >200 ASTM D 2265
Oil Separation (wt %) < 3.0 ASTM D 6184
Evaporation Loss (wt %) < 0.2 ASTM D 972
Temperature Scope(℃) -45~150 ——
Copper Strip Corrosion qualified ASTM D 130
Environmental Certification ROHS  REACH   Halogen   19P  EN71
Shelf Life(year) 6 ——
· The using scope:

Gear、 miniature bearing silencing, non-proliferation lubrication of auto parts、electrical appliances、 precision instruments、audio equipment、office equipment。

· Features:
♦ This product is suitable for current, voltage working condition.
♦ Containing no organic silicon, thus avoid the contact point failure.
♦ Arc extinction, preventing to produce spark、 low contact resistance、 reducing the temperature rise.
♦ Containing copper antioxidants can effectively prevent the oxidation resistance of copper, producing resistance material, resulting in poor contact.
♦ No carbon deposition, special synthetic base oil, good electrical conductivity.
♦ Increasing contact lubricity, reducing copper wear.
· Data:
Index Measured Value Test Standards
Base Oil  synthetic ester ——
Thickener lithium soap ——
Appearance faint yellow ——

2 ISO 6743-99:2002
Penetration (0.1mm) 265~295 ASTM D 217
Dropping Point (℃) > 200 ASTM D 2265
Copper Strip Corrosion qualified ASTM D 130
Oil Separation (wt %) <5.5 ASTM D 6184
Evaporation Loss (wt %) <0.7 ASTM D 972 
Working Temperature Scope (℃) -50~150 ——
Environmental Certification ROHS  REACH   Halogen   19P  EN71
Shelf Life (year) 6 ——
· The using scope:

· This product is suitable for various kinds true flow switch.

4. EUBO P42 Damping oil
· Features:
♦ Low damping and buffering effect, let part move smoothly and accurately.
♦ Match parts, allow large gap and tolerance
♦ Sealing, water invasion.
♦ The synthetic base oil, nontoxic, conforms to the environmental protection rule requirement.
· Data:
Index Measured Value Test Standards
Appearance white translucent smectic visual inspection
Penetration (0.1mm) 310~340 ASTM D 217
Dropping Point(℃) >260 GB/T 4929-85
Application Scope -17~200 ——
Volatility(wt%) <0.5 GB/T 7325-87
VR torque test N-CM 0.48 ASTM-D1478-80
Copper Strip Corrosion qualified GB/T 5096-85
Environmental Certification ROHS REACH Halogen 19P EN71
Shelf Life(year) 6
· The using scope:

· The knob of telescope, microscope, camera, measuring instrument and optical instruments.。
· Switch device of the player buffer gear.
· The adjusting knob of washing machines hanger rod、air conditioner.
· Audio equipment knob、Doors and windows buffer.
·Gear lubrication、noise reduction of plastic toys.
· Spindle trimming of potentiometer, tuner, capacitor.
· Using in all kinds of Dampers、hinges.

5. EUBO D605 thermal grease
· Features:
EUBO D605 comprises of high viscocity silicone, is an important innovative product in the ministry of science and technology. The component are polymer containing filler with good insulation and thermal conductivity. The product is synthesized with formula of independent intellectual property rights. The thermal conductive filler treated with special process is good compatible with base oil , also low oil separation. Through the feedback of the test centre and customer, this product is advantage of thermal conductivity、coating thickness、adhesion stress、reworkability、 thixotropy、non-dry、non solidification、not melt、non-toxic、tasteless、non-corrosive. As a excellent product, it suits for many uses .
· Major value:

Test items

Standard value

Test method



From eyes

Thermal f(w/m·k)



上海11选5走势图Denseness grade(NLGI)


ISO 6743-99:2002

Working Penetration (0.1mm)


ASTM D 217



ASTM D 1298

上海11选5走势图voscosity At 25℃ (mPa·s)



Oil Separation(wt%)


ASTM D 6184

Volume resistivity(TΩ·m)


上海11选5走势图ASTM D 257

Breakdown strength(kv)


ASTM D 149

Recommended temperature(℃)





ASTM D 972

Copper corrision


ASTM D 130

上海11选5走势图guarantee period(month)



· applications:

with the development of technology, thermal conduction(thermal management) is a hot spot all over the world. For CPU 、LED 、elctronical units、straight iron、induction cooker, there are must be filled with thermal conductive material. Thermal grease is just the product for these uses.


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