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1. EUBO FG204 PTFE Grease
· Physical Properties:
♦ It is used to gear lubrication and anti-friction of bearing、guide rail、 CAM gear which can't afford to very high temperature,、high load.
♦ Especially suitable for lubrication of membrane tensile stenter bearings、heat setting machine conveyor belt bearing、corrugated paper machine bearings、hot air blower bearing、hot oil pump bearing、motor bearing at high temperature、spraying production line of high temperature bearing.
♦ Fuser film on the printer, copier fuser.
♦  Lubrication of high temperature valve and seal.
♦ Need to avoid lubrication material volatile situations, such as the clean room equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
♦ Other bad environment of lubrication and seal, such as: low temperature, high temperature, corrosion resistance, solvent, liquefied natural gas, high vacuum, etc.
· Performance Characteristics:

Wide working temperature range, excellent performance
This product is made by high viscosity PFPE.
At 60 ℃ ~250 ℃range, provide long-term, excellent lubrication performance.

Long life free maintenance for life
No flash point, no spontaneous combustion point; Don’t react with oxygen even ?liquid oxygen, don’t aging; It is not easy to evaporate , without carbon deposition, no precipitation at high temperature; Resistance to steam、acid alkali corrosion and nearly two thousand kinds of chemicals

Wide material compatibility and special electric insulation performance
电竞虎 Chemical inert substance, insoluble in water and most solvents, almost can match with any engineering plastic elastomer.

Excellent film、bearing capacity and lubrication performance
Film forming ability is three times as many ordinary lubricants, extreme pressure bearing capacity is more than ordinary detection limit of the machine.

· Data:
Item Index value Detection method
Apperance (Base oil) Colorless and transparent --
Index(Base oil)
40℃ 450
Viscosity Index (Base oil) >180 ASTM D2270
NIGL Grade 3 --
Thinkener PTFE --
Cone penetration (60) 0.1mm 245 ASTM D217
Operating Temperature ℃ -20~300 --
Specific?Gravity? 25℃ g/cm3 2.0 ASTM D4052
Oil Seperation %  1.0 SH/T 0324-92
Evaporation Loss% 0.1 ASTM D972
Four Ball Wear Test
(1200rpm、40kg 1H、mm)
1.1 ASTM D2266
Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Grease 
3330 ASTM D2596
Flash Point  ℃ NONE ASTM D92
Rust Test PASS ASTM D1743
Certification of Complicance Required ROSH  REACH --
· Physical Properties:
High temperature grease of EUBO is made ​​by a non-soap thickener , which contains molybdenum disulfide. Dedicated to the change in the industry that long-term high temperature or cycle change between temperature and room temperature, this is general grease can't be over. This grease has outstanding resistance ability for oxidation, hardening or softening (cause leakage), which is caused by high temperature. It can also prevent the corrosion in damp environment. It is suitable for the sliding bearing and rolling bearing.Which long woke in 150 degrees Celsius to 175 degree,.Such as: furnace conveyor belt, kiln car, bearing of mill's drying and texture.

电竞虎Test items

Measured Value

Test Standards


black uniform ointment


base oil

电竞虎synthetic oil


电竞虎solid lubricant



thickening agent



cone penetration(0。1mm)


GB/T 269-91

drop Point


GB/T 4929-85

kinematic viscosity of
the base oil when under 40℃(cst)


GB/T 265-88

copper corrosion


电竞虎GB/T 7325-87

four ball wear (mm)


SH/T 0204-92

shelf Life(year)



· Application:

Applied to the lubrication and reduce noise of high load, high temperature parts,such as gears, bearings, guide, etc
Oil viscosity is stronger, used for high speed place, can overcome the centrifugal effect. Long life

· Physical Properties:
♦ High temperature stability, and still form an adequate oil film thickness at high temperatures.
♦ Good abrasion resistance, can bear a heavy load.
♦ Less coke, the chain can be kept clean for a long time.
♦ Less volatile, effectively saving lubricants.
♦ Permeability good, effectively avoid lubrication blind area.
♦ Good adhesion, not easy to throw.
· Data:

Test items



Test Standards


golden yellow

电竞虎golden yellow

visual inspection

Evaporation Loss




Kinematic viscosity at (40℃,mm2/s)




Kinematic viscosity at (100℃,mm2/s)




Flash Point (℃)




Pour Point (℃)




· Application:
This product uses synthetic oil as the base oil, recommended for baking furnace chain, drying furnace chain, SMT chain, BOPP, stenter chain, heat treatment chain, pigment treating furnace chain, and other types of chain. Using temperature - 25-250℃.


Shenzhen eubo new Mstar Technology Ltd as a national high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, is located in Shenzhen national hi tech Industrial Development Zone -- the bright new, dedicated to biodegradable environmentally friendly lubricant R & D and products, R & D, production, sales, service in one. The company has perfect research and development system, and through the lubricant test center approved by CNAS, the introduction of international advanced detection equipment, engineers and technical personnel to absorb and train a number of environmental protection in the field of manufacturing lubricant has the influence, has a number of invention patents and utility model patents, with strong scientific research and technical innovation ability.

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