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· Physical Properties:
♦ This product made off with high viscosity silicone oil.
♦ Excellent high and low temperature performance, little change with temperature variation, applicable range of temperature is -50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃.
♦ Excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability.
♦ Low volatile is very low.
♦ Excellent sealing and lubrication, the waterproof invasion, good water resistance.
♦ The synthetic base oil, nontoxic, conforms to the environmental protection rule requirement. Application:
♦ Used in high and low temperature environment, lubrication and seal of the request has very good water resistance of the friction surface, cock, ball head, valves, plug, gasket, o-ring and wedge sealer.
· Important indicators:
Test items Measured Value Test Standards
Suggest using temperature range -40-200℃ ——
thickening agent PTFE ——
base oil type simethicone ——
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ℃(cst) 8050 GB 265-88
Kinematic viscosity at 40℃(cst) 20100 GB 265-88
 flashing point(℃) > 300 GB/T 3536-08
pour point(℃) < -40 GB/T 3535-06
appearance white ——
penetration (0.1 mm) 265~295 GB/T 269-91
consistence classification 2 NLGI
specific gravity(g/cm3) 1.23 ——
Steel mesh points oil(wt%) 0 NB/SH/T 0324-2010
evaporation loss(wt%) <0.05 GB/T 7325
anti-water drenches(wt%) 0.25 SH/T 0109-04
dynamic viscosity(Pa·S) 240 ——
2. EUBO C373 Grease
· Physical Properties:
♦ Compatible with most plastics.
♦ Due to the the base oil viscosity is high, the noise reduction result very well.
♦ Low oxidation, but long-term lubrication.
♦ Low percolation , so can be used for cleaning place.
♦ Containing no organic silicon, thus avoid the contact point failure.
Index Measured Value Test Standards
Appearance (Base Oil)      white ——
Viscosity 100℃ 100 GB/T 265-88
40℃ 1000

2 ——
Thickener complex lithium soap

Penetration (0.1mm) 265~295 ASTM D 217
Working Temperature Scope (℃) -40~160 ——
Wide Temperature Dropping Point(℃) >330 ASTM D 2265
Oil Separation (wt %) 0.8 ASTM D 6184
Roll Stability (0.1mm) 24 ASTM D 1831
Copper Strip Corrosion qualified ASTM D 130
Environmental Certification ROHS  REACH   Halogen   19P  EN71
Shelf Life (year) 6 ——
· Physical Properties:
♦ This product made off with high viscosity silicone oil.
♦ Applicable range of temperature is -50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃, medium viscosity ,low-temperature lubrication, noise reduction
♦ Strong adhesion , shear resistance , long life , anti-wear , anti- decay ability
♦ Oils containing large amounts of solid lubricant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), low coefficient of friction , high load capacity .
♦ Good compatibility with plastic polymers, non-toxic.
♦ With a lasting effect on erasure, strong water resistance.
Test items Measured Value Test Standards
appearance White eyeballing
application Scope(℃) -50~200 ——
thickener lithium soap, PTFE  

dropping point(℃) >275 GB/T 4929-85

310~340 GB/T 269-91
  consistency 1 NLGI level
volatility(wt%) <0.5 GB/T 7325-87
oil Separation(wt%) 0.9 NB/SH/T0324-2010
copper corrosion qualified GB/T 5096-85、-85
environmental certification ROHS  REACH   Halogen   19P  EN71
shelf Life(year) 6
· Physical Properties:
♦ Non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation. Accord with the environmental protection standard authentication WEEE of European Union and ROHS requirement.
♦ Wide temperature grease, low temperature resistant, don’t flow in high temperature.
♦ Good wear resistance , superior stability, the torque value attenuation descend tiny.
♦ Non-corrosive metal material and plastic compatibility . Lubrication lasting, comfortable feel , smooth.
Test items Measured Value Test Standards
appearance white -----------
thickening agent lithium soaps -----------
dropping point(℃) >180℃ GB/T 4929-85
consistency 2 NLGI level
Penetration(0.1mm) 265~295 GB/T 269-91
oil Separation(wt%) 1 NB/SH/T0324-2010
evaporation capacity(wt%) <0.1 GB/T 7325-87
roller stability(0.1mm) 50 SH/T 0122-92
operating temperature(℃) -40~150 -----------
copper corrosion qualified GB/T 5096-85
environmental certification ROHS  REACH   Halogen   19P  EN71
shelf Life(year) 6 -----------

Shenzhen eubo new Mstar Technology Ltd as a national high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, is located in Shenzhen national hi tech Industrial Development Zone -- the bright new, dedicated to biodegradable environmentally friendly lubricant R & D and products, R & D, production, sales, service in one. The company has perfect research and development system, and through the lubricant test center approved by CNAS, the introduction of international advanced detection equipment, engineers and technical personnel to absorb and train a number of environmental protection in the field of manufacturing lubricant has the influence, has a number of invention patents and utility model patents, with strong scientific research and technical innovation ability.

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